Muddy Good Run



Do I wear my normal running gear?

Wear what is most comfortable for you when running and it gets wet and muddy. "remember the saying, less is best"

What about my running shoes?

Wash them afterwards, or wear an old pair you don’t mind if they get ruined. Also tape them on.

Shoes have to be worn, no shoes no start!!

Can I wear my watch to see how fast I’ve been?

Recommendation is not to wear any watches or jewellery during the event as they may get damaged or lost. We are endeavouring to time everyone, in many of these events time isn’t taken.

Can I run the course before the run?

No; this is run over private property and much of the course is set up the week before, plus the mud will be different.

What about the electric fences?

We will be using electric fence standard to help mark the course, don’t think there is much electricity in the riverbed. Although keep your eyes open!

Will I get lost?

This depends on your eyesight but you shouldn’t get lost.  The course will be well marked and officials will point you in the right directions. “If you reach the Rakaia Gorge you’ve missed a turn.”

How fit do I have to be?

If you haven’t been for a run in a while, now would be a good time to do so.  You need to have a good level of overall fitness as this will test your cardio vascular system as you’re climbing, crawling, jumping, running and walking throughout. If for any reason you can’t do an obstacle just skip it - you won’t be disqualified unless you’re the winner and miss them all. It’s all about FUN.

How do I enter as an individual?

Just click on the tab and enter online, it is that simple, we work out how old you are from your date of birth and sex, make sure you answer that otherwise you may end up in the wrong catergory. We don't need to know how often!

How do I enter as a Team?

Just click on the tab and enter online, although when registering a Team you will put in your team captains name and we’ll send you a confirmation email asking for the other participants. All teams race over 5km's. Your combined time is taken and naturally the fastest combined time will win. The category you're in we'll get that from the email info we send you. You don't have to all finish together but all good teams tend to help each other.

Do we run together or as a relay?

You all run together, or should I say, start together.  It is not a relay, as we want to have prizegiving before dark. Good teams stick together!  Your combined time counts.

Do I get a Race pack?

We’ll keep you fully informed of happenings on Facebook and by email up to the day.  Race Brief will be 15 minutes before the race starts.

Your Race Pack needs to be picked up prior the event at either of these locations at these times.

Thursday 21st of Setember - between 3:00pm and 6:30pm - Ashley Hotel, 106 Mandeville Street Riccarton, Christchurch.

Friday 22nd of September - between 3:00pm and 6:30pm - Finesse Fitness, Level 3 Somerset House Ashburton.

Can someone else pick up my Race pack?

If you want to pick multiple packs, please email us at before the 20th advising us of the names of the people you're picking up for.

What about race numbers?

We will be supplying a Race Number which HAS to be pinned on your front and we want this number to be written on you as well, please write this on your right arm below the elbow, "PLUS on your cheek or forehead as well, so we can see it if you lose your number in the mud".  At the finish line you’ll need to call it out if asked. 

Do we start in waves?

This will depend on entry numbers; if we get large numbers we will do this in waves as the course is narrow in some places. We will probably have teams and individuals in separate waves.  As we said this will depend on numbers. The 10km individuals will go first, we thought this best to stir up the mud. Then 5 km individuals followed by the teams.

Are there changes rooms available?

Yes; there are changing rooms and showers.  "Hot water may be limited, don't stand in the shower too long."  Those finishing later, we'll have the Fire Brigade with a wash down for a shower, just hold your breath as it will be a good cool down for you!

Where is the run?

The run starts in the Rakaia Domain and goes out the back into the Riverbed and then on to the Pony Club Xcountry course.

Car parking is available in the designated space at the Domain and we'll update you closer to the event. A map of where the Domain is in Rakaia is provided on this website.

Is a support crew needed in the run?

No, you don’t require a support crew during the run. You are to be self-sufficient.  It is always good to have someone to cheer you on at the finish though.  Actually if you've got a support crew they should enter as well and you can support each other throughout the MUD!!

Can we view the mud run?

There is plenty of viewing in the domain for you.  Please DO NOT go into the riverbed as we do not want runners and spectators getting mixed up and spectators may end up in the mud.

How deep is the water?

Depends how tall you are. Seriuosly in the water bins are a 1 metre deep.  For the Childrens race the water bins will be optional for safety reasons, the water is freezing cold and has ice in it and may take some peoples breath away. If there is a high water table, some parts of the main course the water levels maybe higher than 1 metre but we don't anticipate it being over 1.5 metres, the clam shell well is the only area that will be around this depth, if we need to rope it we will.

How long will it take me to do the run?

We anticipate times to be between 25 minutes “Olympic athletes” to 1 hour 30 minutes for the 5km event.

What does the course look like now?

It looks like rolling riverbed in places, with a terrace, tracks made by stock.  An open area for horses to run around and jump over fences. Green rugby fields, dry pastures, broom, gorse, just good old rough and tough land.

Once the digger gets back in there we'll have more mud pits and slides, more fences to jump, more MUD Pits to crawl through, a couple of holes and races in places. 

Anymore questions on the course?

What time does the run start?

The children  start at 9:30am and the adults start at approx11:00am race brief will be 15 minutes before the start and best dressed is judged then as well.

What time will prize giving be?

We anticipate that this will start around 15 minutes after the last competitor, this could be around 1:00PM although we're in the hands of you the competitor here.  Could be 1.00pm but if you're slow may be closer to 2.00pm but aim for 1:00ish.

Will there be food and drink available at the Domain?

Yes; food venders will be at the Domain and a beer when you finish.  Bring cash as some may not have eftpos facilities.

Who starts first the Children, 5km or 10km run?

The School Children will Race first at 9:30am and when they're finished, the 10km run will start at 11:00am, followed by the 5km then the teams, depending on entries Corporate Teams may start seperatley after the other teams start. 

Is there a restriction to the number of run?

Children's race is limited to 600.

Adults Race is limited to 1,500.

When do entries close?

Entries close midnight Wednesday 20th September 2017.  Just don't delay your entry and be disappointed. We believe we will sell out for this event.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw before the event starts?

No, sorry there are no refunds but you can transfer your entry to another competitor for a fee of $20.

Should the event have to be cancelled due to force majure, there will be no refund of entry fee.