Muddy Good Run


Race Packs

Your Race Pack will contain your Race Number, Race Information and Sponsors Product.

Your Race Number must be pinned to the front of your outfit and written on your RIGHT Forearm in vivid as the pinned number can get very muddy and may not be visible at the end of the event.

Note: Children in the 1.5km also have Race Packs and NEED to pick them up.

Race Pack Pick Up

Your Race Pack needs to be picked up prior the event at either of these locations at these times.

Thursday 21st of September - between 3:00pm and 6:30pm - Ashley Hotel, 106 Mandeville Street Riccarton, Christchurch.

Friday 22nd of September - between 3:00pm and 6:30pm - Finesse Fitness - Level 3, Somerset House, Cnr East & Burnett Strets, Ashburton.

Multiple Pack pick up

If you want to pick multiple packs, please email us at before the 20th advising us of the names of the people you're picking up for.

If the above times do not suit, please contact us to make special arrangement -

Race Information:

Muddy Good Run is like no other event you’ve probably entered and each year something new is added.  If you have done Muddy Good Run before, it has probably got something different in it this year, so please read this information. 

Your safety is critical to us and to all.  You have to read this race brief and understand everything in it.  If not you must ask and seek clarification prior to starting the event.

 Please pin your number on the front of your shirt or costume and write your number on your right forearm.  If you have long sleeves please write your number on your forehead or right hand, so we can see it as you cross the line. 

 The events:

Sustainable Water Muddy Good Run CHILDREN’S RACE:

The children’s race will be within the Rakaia Domain and marshals will direct the children which way to go.  If children can’t do an obstacle they can walk around the obstacle, we encourage them to give it a go.  Parents will be able to see their children throughout most of the run.

   Adults Muddy Good Run:

This starts and finishes in the Rakaia Domain and you will be directed by marshals, although most will follow the leader.  Those fast runners should make sure they know where they’re going prior to the event as everyone will follow you.

 During the run you leave the domain and go on to Normanby Road, run along the side of the road on the grass as the road “IS NOT CLOSED”. When you get to the end of Normanby Road, cross at the Stop/Go marshals and run along the grass on West Belt and you will then run into the Riverbed area.  In the riverbed there are a lot of the obstacles that will challenge you.

 During Muddy Good Run you will encounter obstacles that will test your physical fitness and strength.  If you see a competitor having difficulty completing an obstacle, please help and support them.  Muddy Good Run is as much about having fun and supporting your fellow Muddy competitor and Muddy team mate as it is about winning.


You will encounter mud pits, slides, holes, uneven terrain, fences, hay bales and bollards to climb, water holes, slippery slides, water obstacles, water bins, pipes to crawl through, tyre runs and cars to climb over and crawl under, bouncy castle type obstacles.  These obstacles are all set up to make Muddy Good Run different to all other events and Heaps of Mud Fun.  If for any reason you cannot complete an obstacle you are allowed to go around it - although ask for help first.

 At all times you are to obey the Marshals around the course, if they’re telling you something it is for your safety.   “Listen and obey”

 If in the unlikely circumstances that you injure yourself during the event please advise the closest Marshal on the course and we’ll have a Medic attend to you, if you’re unable to get to the finish line.  Medics will also be based at the Finish line.

Time table is:

Rakaia Domain is open for parking 7:30am, please listen to the parking attendants, parking will flow out on to the road and there is plenty of parking on the Rakaia Methven Road.

 ·        Late registration and Race Pack pick up by arrangement will be between 7:30am – 8:30am

·        Sustainable Water Children’s Race Brief 8:45am (Compulsory for every Child competitor to attend)

·        Sustainable Water Children’s Best Dressed parade and judging 8:50am

·        Oath 8:55am

·        Sustainable Water Children’s Race start 9:00am “3 races age split 7 & 8 year olds, 9 & 10 year olds, 11,12 &13 year olds” first race 7&8, when they’ve finished, 9&10 when they’ve finished 11,12 & 13 year olds.

·        Adults Race brief 10:45am

·        Best Dressed parade and judging 10:50am

·        Oath 10:55am

·        Adults race start 11:00am.

·        10km runners go first

·        Followed by 5km runners

·        Then Teams “Teams do 5km not 10km”

·        Prize Giving approx. 1:00pm.

 Please pin your number on the front of your shirt or costume and write your number on your right forearm.  If you have long sleeves please write your number on your forehead or right hand, so we can see it as you cross the line. 


There are shower facilities and changing rooms available.  The rooms in the changing block are marked male and female and the showers are communal and one shower room for male and female.  Please respect other people and refrain from nudity in the showers.  We recommend you bring a pair of jandals to shower in. Please leave the changing rooms tidy. 

                           Recovery food and beverages:

We have food and drink at the end for competitors, with water and banana’s for you all when you finish.  If you are over 18 a cool DB Export Citrus 0% will be provided.

Food vendors will be available hot dogs, chips, coffee and more.

 Prize giving:

Prize giving will be approximately 15 minutes after the last competitor, approximately 1:00pm.  We have some great spot prizes and we will reward the first place getters in all categories, this will be an instant reward.  You have to be present to receive all prizes including category prizes.


We have t-shirts that can be purchased to remember the great experience of Muddy Good Run.  These are Luna Active Wear dry fit shirts, just $39.00, we have Eftpos facilities available.


You cannot go into the Riverbed area to watch as you would be in the road of competitors. The best viewing is truly in the Domain.


If you have any cuts or open wounds we recommend that these are covered before competing.


If you have any health issues we recommend you seek a medical clearance before competing.  

At no stage during the day, while competitors are running or after the event is ANYBODY, competitor or general public allowed to go on any obstacles, even with parent supervision.